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Christian Stronghold Baptist Church
Philadelphia, PA

A major renovation under the leadership of Pastor Keith Bethel, partners Church Architects and W.S. Cumby made this a fun project to participate in.


But its the army of volunteers who deserve  honor for supporting worship in this space.


All Good things get Better...



W.S. Cumby and Subs supporting Spinnaker & AVL infrastructure

1 demo_edited.jpg

Pastor Bell

testing 1, 2, 3...

2  reno_edited.jpg

Pastor Bell

and the Word...



Have you heard their Choirs?


Sound Person's Perch

On the balcony with clear sight of the stage, nothing stops him from raising the worship roof.

18 Sanctuary audio._edited.png

Broadcast Audio

Mixing gospel is not easy, but they're making great progress.

13 broadcast audio_edited.jpg

Video Production

Did we say how proud we are of this team? Very proud!

3 video team_edited.jpg
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