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‘Why do our projector bulbs keep burning out?”


“What’s with the flickering lights?”


"Why does our audio console keep turning off"


“The computer was only 2 years old, what happened?”


If you want equipment to live long and prosper, you need stable electrical infrastructure.


In new construction we plan good infrastructure. And we’re licensed to correct existing problems too.


Power Distribution and Equipment Protection


Do you know where your AVL systems are vulnerable?


Most electrical systems feeding AVL equipment flow from A > D> E = Bad


Protected equipment looks like A > B > C > D > E

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Power for AVL Equipment


New construction or renovations, we do the work or provide specifications/guidance to your electrician.


Victory Church – Dimming/Isolation /Technical Panels


Mary Mother of the Redeemer – Stage Conduit/Power

Mary Mother of the Redeemer – Isolation Transformer


Victory Church – AVL Technical Panel


Mary Mother of the Redeemer – Stage Conduit/Power

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