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So then faith comes by hearing…”  Romans 10:17

“I couldn’t hear in that seat last week, I’ll try a different seat“

“What’s with the sound person, that was so loud“

We answer these complaints with science and impartiality. Every seat, every person, same volume.

Design Philosophy

1. Since 2002 ALL computer modeling is developed by Spinnaker. No consultants. No manufacturers. Accountability begins and ends with us.


2. ALL audio systems designed by Spinnaker are developed using AFMG’s suite of modeling software, and EASE FULL VERSION.


Why should you care? It’s the difference between guessing and guaranteed performance.


Fig. 1: Pre-construction model, SS. Simon & Jude


Fig. 2: SS. Simon & Jude

3. ALL audio systems designed by Spinnaker receive Contractual Performance Guarantees, documenting what every person in every seat will HEAR.

When you SEE which manufacturer performs best, you commit funds with confidence. No Sunday surprises.


Would you pick Manufacturer A?


Or Manufacturer B?

How can we help?

Thanks for submitting!


We work with volunteers until they can go it alone.


When faced with a problem they can’t solve we’re a phone call away.


Sunday to Sunday, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Yup, their relieved when we answer the phone 6:30 AM Sunday morning!

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